Give your children the chance to boost their English literacy skills while developing invaluable technical skills in a warm, fun, environment!

Chugim take place in Katamon (near HaLamed Hei), in Melissa’s cozy computer lab.

All classes include a strong literacy component (read about why). Content will include material from Reading A-Z and Starfall. Children will also learn about famous coders and the history of coding.

Yes, children will spend time in front of computer and iPad screens. But chugim include many “unplugged” activities that develop coding concepts and give kids the chance to move. Kids will have opportunities to work and play on the balcony and in the playground next to the building.

Her very sweet but strict canine assistant, Hamudi, likes to supervise and make sure the kids are doing their best.

Parents can follow each class session by visiting the RWC Israel blog, which includes links, a summary of all activities, links to projects, and passowrd protected photos. Throughout the year, parents will be invited to presentations and have opportunites to code with the kids.

Of couse, questions are always welcome!

Classes are limited to six students. In addition to chugim, private sessions, chugei bayit, and sessions over Google+ are also available.


Coding Gan

Dates / Times: Sundays , 3:30 p.m. to 5:00

Age: 4 - 7

Price: 300 NIS / month (sibling and referral discounts available)

Yes, even little kids can learn to code! Using a combination of age appropriate websites and iPad apps (including Tynker and Daisy the Dinosaur), kids will learn basic coding and computer science concepts, and learn to program Dash and Dot robots. We'll also be following Ruby on her coding adventures. For their final projects, the kids will teach Dash and Dot to play a song on a xylophone, and create an animated story in Scratch Jr.

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Coder Dojo

Dates / Times: Wednesdays, 4:00 p.m. to 5:30

Ages: 8 - 11

Price: Price: 300 NIS / month (sibling and referral discounts available)

Give your kids the chance to be the directors and producers of their own animations and video games! By writing their own code and creating their own graphics, kids will have the chance to explore their creativity while having fun.
Children will have the opportunity to strengthen their ability to read in English while developing invaluable technical skills in a warm, fun, environment.

Kids will work with Scratch,, Rasperry Pi and LEGO WeDo.

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Web Design

Dates / Times: Thursday, 4:00 p.m. to 5:30

Ages: 10 - 12

Price: Price: 300 NIS / month (sibling and referral discounts available)

It's not enough to simply consume what's online. These days, everyone should have the chace to add content and voice to the internet. Give your kids the chance to build a site of their very own using HTML, CSS and beginning JavaScript. By the end of the school year, they will have a website on a topic of their choice, with at least three pages and one interactive activity.

We will also explore the history of the internet, how it works, and learn about famous coders.