Over the course of the summer, 2015, Melissa taught coding at the Jerusalem American International School (JAIS) Summer Camp. What impressed me the most about the class was her ability to teach such a diverse group of children. During every class she had 3 different activities going in order to engage and challenge the campers who were on such different levels. Some came with previous coding knowledge and for others this was their first exposure to the subject. I hope Melissa will join us again this coming summer. 

  ~ Leah Altose, Camp Director 


My son absolutely loved Read, Write, Code! Until we found it he had been refusing to go to camp! He came home excited every day from what he had learned, and now wants to be a game designer!

~ Linda Gradstein, son Mishael, 10


My six year old son and ten year old daughter both really enjoyed Melissa's Read, Write, Code summer camp, and got so much out of it. My daughter discovered how much she liked coding with Scratch. She had been taught Scratch in school, but Melissa, she commented, really showed her how it works, so that now she can continue exploring further on her own. My son has been explaining about sensors that he notices all over the place, ever since Melissa taught them what sensors are. He is so excited each time he identifies a new one, weeks after camp ended. And both of them together continue to repeat with great relish the fun chants and phrases that Melissa introduced them to during camp. Melissa made learning a thoroughly fun experience.

~ Jen Sundick

During the four years Melissa was the technology teacher at East Midwood Hebrew Day School, I had the pleasure of coordinating lessons with her for our 4th grade Ivrit projects. Melissa has innovative ideas and she makes learning fun and exciting. My students could not wait for computer class! They learned animation, and robotics, while using Jewish themes from the Chumash, Navi, and of the Chagim. Melissa has a warm and nurturing style that makes students feel comfortable and safe, as they use their team building skills to collaborate with each other on projects. Melissa’s classes were always interesting, innovative, and exciting. I myself would love to take her class now, and I’m sure every child will beam with excitement when they return home from her Read, Write, Code class! I highly recommend it!

~ Lisa Shrem, Principal of Judaic Studies

RoboCamel used a light sensor to detect the blue water.

In the spring of 2012, Melissa worked on an incredible project with our fourth grade students. She helped create a live action demonstration of the Negev and its wildlife using Lego Robotics. Melissa poured her heart and soul into working with the kids, yielding incredible results. She taught the kids how to research the animals and ecosystems of the Negev. Then, based on their research, she assisted the kids in creating different robots to sense and react to different environmental factors. She helped the students present their projects in a fun, creative way that parents and teachers enjoyed. Her great success with the project was due to her great knowledge of technology as well as her loving and caring nature with children.

(See a video of the project here.)

~ Dror Galamidi, colleague


As Melissa's mentor teacher and, more recently her co-teacher for several years, I can attest to her talent and professionalism. In the latter capacity, I collaborated with Melissa on teaching literacy using teacher-developed materials from the California Reading and Literature Project, or Reading Results, which focused on developing literacy skills in students, beginning with phonemic awareness (rhyming), phonics, sight-word recognition, fluency and comprehension in oral and independent reading. She also implemented a writing component of this program, which focused on student success. Melissa is adept at developing curriculum that draws her students into lessons in a hands-on interactive and collaborative manner. She is technologically adept and has a keen interest in using technology to advance their learning. Her teaching style is engaging, fun and student-centered. She draws her students into learning situations through games, poetry, songs and age-appropriate literature and expository text. Any student lucky enough to have Melissa as a teacher will benefit from a unique learning experience!

~ Jana Robinson, mentor teacher